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[audio]Nakenpodden 3. Fascism
Dagens program handlar om fascism och en uppdatering av läger k högerdjungeln.
Keywords: fascism
Downloads: 7
[texts]See what I mean? - Browne, Lewis, 1897-1949

Keywords: Fascism
Downloads: 17
[audio]Nakenpodden 3. Fascism
Dagens program handlar om fascism och vi får en kort nyhetsuppdatring om läget i högerdjungeln.
Keywords: fascism
Downloads: 19
[texts]The origins and development of fascism - Morgan, Lorne Thompson, 1897-
Reprinted from "Essays in Political Economy in honour of E.J. Urwick", ed. by H.A. Innis for The Workers' Educational Association
Keywords: Fascism
Downloads: 843
[texts]The Coming American Fascism - Lawrence Dennis
book by an idealouge of American fascism. Got him in trouble with the government during World war II. People learned that he was "passing" for white only after his death
Keywords: fascism
Downloads: 1,025
[texts]Fascism: Fight it Now - Labour Research Department
Anti-Nazi pamplet published by the Labour Research Department
Keywords: fascism
Downloads: 335
[texts]Doctrine of Fascism - Mussolini, Benito
A summation of his beliefs.
Keywords: Fascism
Downloads: 1,408
[texts]Europe under the terror - Spivak, John Louis, 1897-
Keywords: Fascism
Downloads: 452
[texts]Discursos da Revolunao - Benito Mussolini
A collection of Mussolinis speeches in Portugese
Keywords: fascism
Downloads: 273
[audio]Just Right #10 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Police State Fascism: From Idling By-laws to No-Fly Lists Risk And Freedom Ontario Election: Promises, Promises. They're yours to keep School Board Creative Accounting War: What Is It Good For? Guest: Anthony Verberckmoes, indymedia-independent News
Keywords: Fascism; Freedom
Downloads: 32
[texts]The plotters - Carlson, John Roy, 1909-
Includes index
Keywords: Fascism; Veterans
Downloads: 15
[texts]The Coming Corporate State - A. Raven Thomson
What the fascists really meant by a corporate state
Keywords: fascism; corporatism
Downloads: 412
[texts]Programme et reglements - Parti national social chrétien du Canada
At head of title: 15è mille
Keywords: Fascism; Nazis
Downloads: 12
[texts]The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead One - Alexander Baron
A collection of short stories on a political theme. In order they are: Justifiable Homicide, Judgement at Nuremberg, Chamber of Horrors, The Good Samaritan and The Evil Of This Ignorance.
Keywords: fascism; Revisionism
Downloads: 66
[texts]Fashizm un Ḳomunizm ṿi azoy Mosḳṿe hoṭ geholfn brengen fashizm un Natsizm oyf der ṿelṭ - Shub, David, 1887-1973
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: Fascism; Communism
Downloads: 96
[audio]Thom Hartmann Interviews Paul Craig Roberts, 19 July 2007
Thom Hartmann, a talk radio personality, interviews Paul Craig Roberts, an economist who served on the Ronald Reagan Administration and who is known as the "Father of Reaganomics". Thom and Paul discuss the frightening direction of the United States, particularly since George W. Bush has been in office and since the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. This is a must-listen for any U.S. citizen.
Keywords: terrorism; fascism
Downloads: 124
[texts]Collected Essays - Percy Stephensen
A collection of essays by the Australian fascist: A Brief Survey Of Australian History: Our Story In Fifteen Decades Fifty Points For An Australia-First Party After The War (and appendix: Manifesto Of The Australia-First Movement) A Reasoned Case Against Semitism Decline And Fall Of The British Empire: An Australian Nationalist Point Of View The Meaning Of "Australia First": Unity And Independence As Natural National Aims
Keywords: fascism; Australia
Downloads: 221
[texts]Klich [serial] (Volume 17, 21-33) - André Savine Collection (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
"Organ natsionalnogo osvobozhdeniia pod flagom natsionalnoi diktatury."
Keywords: Fascism; Russians
Downloads: 916
[texts]The Foundations Of Culture In Australia: An Essay Towards National Self-Respect - Percy Stephensen
A serialized book published in the Australian Mercury in 1935-36. Important in the development of the Australian far-right
Keywords: fascism; Australia
Downloads: 360
[texts]A bas la haine ! - ARCAND Adrien
A text by the father of French-Canadian fascism. In French
Keywords: fascism; canada
Downloads: 536
[texts]Imperialismo Pagano - Julius Evola
The famous Italian Fascist book in Bulgarian
Keywords: fascism; philosophy
Downloads: 1,153
[texts]Strike Action, Political Action, or Power Action - WHICH? - British Union of Fascists
Reprint of 1936 British Union of Fascists document on Trade Unionism.
Keywords: fascism; economics
Downloads: 117
[texts]Der Faschismus als proletarische Errungenschaft - Rodolfo Schott
Fascism as a Proletarian Achievement
Keywords: fascism; economics
Downloads: 294
[texts]You can't do that - Seldes, George, 1890-1995
"Selected bibliography on civil liberties in the United States, compiled by Clarice A. Rosenthal, M. Meeker, M. Ottenberg, and others for the American civil liberties union, complete to July, 1937": p. 255-301
Keywords: Liberty; Fascism
Downloads: 1,704
[texts]The historical causes of the present state of affairs in Italy : Sidney Ball Memorial Lecture, delivered before the University of Oxford, 31 Oct. 1923 - Trevelyan, George Macaulay, 1876-1962
Keywords: Fascism -- Italy
Downloads: 362
[texts]Leon Degrelle l'ultimo cavaliere - Leon Degrelle
Leon Degrelle: The last night
Keywords: fascism; Belgium
Downloads: 1,187 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Inside Canada: Dedicated to Canada New Democracy - R. Rogers SMITH
From AAARGH catalog: This booklet was published for the sole purpose of giving to Canadians the true position of Canada's constitutionality. The writer was a Canadian of the third generation, had no political axe to grind as he had no party affiliations, nor was he an advocate of any " ism ". His efforts were dedicated to the best interests of the Canadian people, and the complete and effective unity of all the Canadian Provinces, as a Commonwealth within the British Empire.
Keywords: fascism; Canada
Downloads: 250
[texts]Ireland's Right To Unite - Union Movement
Union Movement Policy Document. Originally published in the 1950s
Keywords: Ireland; fascism
Downloads: 117
[texts]The Doctrine of Awakening - Julius Evola
The Attainment of Self-Mastery According to the Earliest Buddhist Texts
Keywords: buddhism; fascism
Downloads: 3,258
[texts]Communisme et fascio en Italie - Alazard, Jean, 1887-1960

Keywords: Fascism; Communism
Downloads: 286
[texts]Struggle of the trade unions against fascism - Nin, Andres, 1892-1937. Browder, Earl, 1891-1973.
Pamphlet interesting both because of the subject matter and the authors. Written only a few months after Mussolini had taken power in Italy, there is a brief mention of the Nazis in Bavaria (before the Beer Hall putsch), a survey of fascist groups in the US, Hungary, Argentina, and Spain. The author would later be killed in the Spanish Civil War -- by the GPU. Browder would be General Secretary of the CPUSA until he was purged on orders from Moscow in 1945.
Keywords: Labor unions and fascism. Fascism
Downloads: 385
[texts]Struggle of the trade unions against fascism - Nin, Andrés, 1892-1937. Browder, Earl,; 1891-1973.
Explores the early history of labor struggles against fascism in Italy, Germany Argentina and others. Labor Herald library #8; Chicago : Trade Union Educational League,
Keywords: Labor unions and fascism. Fascism
Downloads: 5
[audio]Just Right #57 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party SPECIAL: Eco-Fascism 3 Us vs Them: Science By Consensus The Convenience Of Inconvenience Conservatives: Always On The Defensive Patterns Of Force - Fascism's Forms
Keywords: Freedom; Fascism; Conservatives; Eco-Fascism; Capitalism
Downloads: 27
[audio]Fascism, Anti Fascism And The State - Novara Media
On this week’s show Aaron Peters and James Butler discuss fascism, anti-fascism and the relation of both to the state.http://novaramedia.com/2013/09/fascism-anti-fascism-and-the-state/
Keywords: novara fm; podcast; fascism; anti-fascism
Downloads: 544
[audio]People Rise Up-12/13/06 - It Is Happening Here (Part 10) - Power of Labor Suppressed or Eliminated - Andrew Geller
Continuing It Is Happening Here, my series based on the article Fascism Anyone? that explores 14 characteristics common to seven fascist states in the 20th century, and the extent to which the present-day U.S. government and society exemplify those same characteristics. In this program, I'm joined by Gordon Lafer, an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon with a dual appointment to the Political Science Department and the Labor Education Research Center to discuss characteristic #10, "p...
Keywords: fascism; labor; US
Downloads: 128
[audio]People Rise Up - 5/3/06 - It Is Happening Here (Part 4) - Supremacy of the Military / Avid Militarism - Andrew Geller
Please refer to the People Rise Up homepage for details on this show, which is part of a much larger series.
Keywords: fascism; US; military; militarism
Downloads: 876
[audio]Anti Fascist seminar
סדרת הרצאות פתוחה תחת הכותרת: סכנת הפאשיזם 1. הרצאת מבוא- הפאשיזם: גידול פרא או בן חוקי מרצה ח"כ לשעבר תמר גוז'נסקי 2. הון, פאשיזם ושילטון מרצה ד"ר אפריים דווידי 3. ללמוד מהניסיון : היסטוריות של מאבקים בפאשיזם שהצליחו ושנכשלו מרצה ח"כ ד"ר דב חנין 4...
Keywords: Fascism; Israel; Hebrew
Downloads: 372
[audio]Is a Fascist Movement Emerging in the USA? - Dr. J.
Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism? By Sara Robinson, Campaign for America's Future. There are dangerous currents running through America's politics and the way we confront them is crucial. http://www.alternet.org/politics/141819/
Keywords: healthcare; fascism; progressive; democratic
Downloads: 847
[audio]Misc Archives #42 - Uncle Sam & Il Duce: American Support for Mussolini & the Mythology of the Corporate State - Dave Emory
M-42 (ONE STEP BEYOND 2/18/90) Chronicles the pivotal support given by American corporations to the economy of Mussolini's Italy. In addition, the program sets forth ways the American media misrepresented failures of Il Duce's "corporate state" in order to justify continued capital funding of the sagging Italian infrastructure. The program illustrates some ominous parallels between fascist Italy and contemporary America.
Keywords: Mussolini; Corporate State; Fascism
Downloads: 37
[audio]Donnager 1 rant
A tirade on the current state of the United States and its descent into fascism
Keywords: Patriot Act; Fascism
Downloads: 181
[audio]East Meets West 116 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Roger and Tom flirt with Godwin's law by talking about Nazis. They also revisit the food crisis and interest rates.
Keywords: podcast; fascism; food crisis
Downloads: 2,693
[audio]Donnager 1 postmodern superfascism - Donnager
Polemic on fascism. Compares events leading to rise of fascism in Germany to events in the U.S. post 9/11
Keywords: Patriot Act; fascism; superfascism
Downloads: 130
[audio]Rob Sewell, Fascism And The Far Right
Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal, speaks at the Cambridge Marxist Society in October 2011 on "Fascism and the Far Right"
Keywords: fascism; far right; marxism
Downloads: 47
[texts]The United Front - Georgi Dimitroff
The Struggle Against Fascism and War
Keywords: communism; bulgaria; fascism
Downloads: 195
[texts]Du Communisme au Mondialisme - ARCAND Adrien
77 p. 550 K ... C'est donc sur la définition de l'être humain que devra reposer le monde nouveau de demain, lorsque le monde d'aujourd'hui aura été «liquidé» dans l'effondrement de ses propres erreurs. Et il faudra que cette définition de l'homme soit juste, qu'elle soit la bonne, sans quoi le nouvel édifice social croulera encore plus vite que son prédécesseur...
Keywords: Fascism; Canada; anti-communism
Downloads: 333
[texts]A Lead to World Socialism - International Bureau for Revolutionary Socialist Unity
The Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of the International Bureau for Revolutionary Socialist Unity (which brought together groups that were too radical for the Social Democratic International and too democratic for the Third.)
Keywords: socialism; fascism; spain
Downloads: 298
[audio]People Rise Up - 2/15/06 - It Is Happening Here: Fascism in the U.S. (Part 3) - Andrew Geller
Full details and lots of related links available at http://www.kboo.fm/programs/4.php Featuring analysis of the historical record, and current implementation of domestically and internationally recognized human rights standards in the United States with Ann Fagan Ginger, Executive Director of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (MCLI), and Jennifer Daskal, Advocacy Director for the US Human Rights Campaign at Human Rights Watch (HRW)...
Keywords: fascism; human rights; US
Downloads: 922
[audio]East Meets West Episode 87 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Roger and Tom talk the digital life conference, the podcast expo, the army, homeland security,the true definition of fascism, art and more.
Keywords: podcast; fascism; military; conferences
Downloads: 2,116
[texts]Italian intellectuals under fascism : facts and documents - Student League for Industrial Democracy
On the repression of intellectuals under fascist rule in Italy DG571
Keywords: Intellectuals -- Italy. Fascism -- Italy
Downloads: 235
[texts]Our Finacial Masters - A. Raven Thompson
British Union of Fascists booklet on the bank of England
Keywords: fascism; bank of England
Downloads: 260
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